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Our Mission is to develop, demonstrate, and incubate technologies that will improve the competitiveness of Ohio industry through increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and improved environmental performance.

We accomplish this by facilitating team building among existing public and private institutions as well as state and federal organizations collectively securing funds for development projects; developing new technologies in cooperation with colleges, universities, Ohio's Edison Programs and National Laboratories; demonstrating and incubating new technologies for commercialization; and offering training and education both directly and through our University/College partnerships for new and existing technologies.

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Ohio CapabilityThe Energy Industries of Ohio (EIO) released Ohio’s Manufacturing Directory for Advanced Energy Baseload Systems at Youngstown State University’s annual Energy Forum on June 3, 2013.  It was prepared under a grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency.
Ohio is one of the few states to recognize that next generation power systems will need suppliers able to produce critical power generation parts.  These “pinch point” items are focused in mainstay Ohio industries, particularly forgings, castings, extrusions and fabrications.  The Ohio program was designed as a focused and targeted strategy aimed at the true critical needs of the power-gen industry built around traditional Ohio capabilities. 
The program was accomplished with the support and assistance of Ohio’s FirstEnergy Corp. who aided EIO in facilitating high level meetings with the direct builders of baseload fossil and nuclear power plants.  These meetings were critical for defining real opportunities for Ohio firms by listing their critical need items of hard-to-source items.  Armed with this listing, a ‘needs envelope’ was defined so that EIO could target the firms most likely meeting the industry’s needs.  Meetings were then held with Ohio’s Industry Associations, labor groups and both local and regional economic development organizations to identify possible candidate supplier firms.  EIO’s Program team then made on-site visits to screen these possible suppliers for interest and documented their capabilities into the Manufacturing Directory.


Larry BoydLarry Boyd, Director of Industrial Technology Programs for Energy Industries of Ohio, has been certified as a Superior Energy Performance – Performance Verifier for the Industrial Sector. As of this writing, he is one of only 15 individuals in the nation that have secured this certification.
Superior Energy Performancecm is a certification program that provides industrial facilities with a transparent, globally accepted system for verifying energy performance improvements and management practices. Superior Energy Performance enables facilities to achieve continual improvements in energy efficiency while boosting competitiveness. A central element of Superior Energy Performance is implementation of the global energy management standard, ISO 50001, with additional requirements to achieve and document energy performance improvements.
Performance Verifiers play a critical role in the certification audit for the Superior Energy Performance Program (SEP). They are responsible for evaluating the baseline data, reporting year data and calculations that form the basis of a company’s claims of energy improvements in their SEP application and for certifying the achievement level that the company has attained.
Boyd’s certification by the Institute of Energy Management Professionals is good for 3 years.

Larry BoydLarry Boyd, Director of Industrial Technology Programs for Energy Industries of Ohio recently received his credentials as a Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems from the Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP). Certified Practitioners provide assistance to facilities in assessing energy efficiency opportunities, in conforming to the requirements of the ISO 50001 energy management system and in implementing the additional requirements under the US DOE’s “Superior Energy Performance” program.
The IEnMP administers the certification of individuals for Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems, SEP Lead Auditor, and SEP Performance Verifier. Candidates are subject to a rigorous qualification exam and, once certified, periodic professional enrichment requirements. IEnMP is certified by the American National Standards Institute to provide these services.

The Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO) has awarded a $330,000 grant to the Energy Industries of Ohio (EIO). The grant is to demonstrate components for power plants made from new high temperature alloys. This project is needed to address the efficiency of power plants using high sulfur Ohio coal and to expand the State’s “Baseload Supply Chain” catalog. The materials and manufacturing processes to be undertaken in the grant are potential market opportunities for mainstay Ohio industries. In particular, the program will position Ohio’s metal-casting, forging and extrusion industries to capitalize on the need to upgrade and replace older power plants. The grant will cover learning new processing techniques to address the special characteristics of the new materials such as their reaction to air when melting. The grant also expands earlier EIO activities to identify, screen and place firms onto the State of Ohio’s “Advanced Baseload Energy Suppliers Catalog”.

EIO is pleased to announce our participation in a broad scale partnership entitled the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) that was selected for funding and announced by the White House on August 16, 2012.The consortium’s proposal, led by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, is to establish a new public-private institute for manufacturing innovation. It was selected from among numerous proposals. The Team will receive an initial $30 million award and will be located in Youngstown, OH.NAMII will serve as the pilot, proof-of concept for a larger federal initiative entitled the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI).It is considered particularly valuable in the defense and energy sectors for its ability to minimize tooling and reduce waste. This initiative builds upon many investments in the region, including Energy Industries of Ohio’s supplier development activities using new advanced alloys and manufacturing processes such as Powdered Metal (PM).EIO has committed more than $300,000 in cost share to the NAMII and brings the critical perspective of industry and the energy marketplace to the consortium that includes universities and research laboratories. EIO worked alongside others from the TechBelt Initiative, a network of technology and innovation stakeholders, who perceive the value of collaboration to accelerate economic growth within the Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia.

The Ohio Office of Energy, part of the Ohio Development Services Agency, recently received notification that the US Department of Energy has provided $250,000 in additional funding for the third year of the grant for the Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency (OCIEE).  OCIEE, managed by Energy Industries of Ohio, provides energy efficiency assessments; Best Practices training in compressed air, process heating, steam systems, and pumping systems; 4-Phase Program facilitation; and energy management systems assistance to manufacturers based in Ohio. More information on this program can be found on the OCIEE website ( for additional information on this program.

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